Specialization in MDS : Oral Medicine & Radiology

The department deals with the outpatients and guides them to the respective departments for the treatments. The main function is oral and maxillofacial evaluation of individuals/patients of various age groups with oral conditions. Also the evaluation and diagnosis of oral manifestations such as ulcers, growths, precancerous conditions, oral malignancies, neurological pains, jaw fractures, developmental anomalies etc are done in the department.

Non surgical management of oral precancerous lesions and precancerous conditions, TMJ disorders and salivary gland disorders etc are effectively managed.

The department also attends to making radiographs of various kinds, including all intraoral and extraoral radiographs, as well as advanced radiographic techniques such as orthopantomogram and cephalogram etc.

Since the beginning, the number of outpatients has been constantly increasing and now there are almost 15000-20000 patients per month reporting for dental care with varied pathologies.These numbers reflect the successful functioning of the college as well as the amount of patient satisfaction.